So What?

So what?

So what if you're not wearing makeup today?

So what if the number you read on the scale is higher than the day you got married?

So what if your hair won't stay straight, or won't stay down, or won't stay up, or won't turn into silk the way the commercials promised?

So what if your legs or butt or stomach or arms are bigger or smaller than [insert Photoshopped celebrity]'s, or are nonexistent, or have lumps or veins or a sad Mickey Mouse tattoo you got in Mexico?  

So what if you can't Pinterest better than that other mom whose life is a Pinterest post?

So what if your car is less style and luxury and more McDonald's-fries-in-the-crevices casual?

So what if your vacation is a Red Robin down the street from your parents' place instead of an infinity pool in Lagos?

So what if your Instagram most likely makes people yawn instead of dropping their jaws? So what if you don't even have Instagram?

So what if you didn't get every single thing done today?

I bet it doesn't matter as much as you sometimes convince yourself it does.

I bet if you showed the world your face without makeup, people would still love you. If you give them the chance instead of deciding for them, they'd accept you.

I bet if you didn't lose any weight this week, people would still care about you.

I bet if you couldn't finish your to-do list, people would still think you're worth being around.

I bet if you screwed up this week, you're in great company because you're like the rest of us.

I bet there will be some haters, some critics, some other insecure or insensitive people who will do something to make you feel bad. I bet their biggest problem is themselves.

I bet even though you feel like you won't make it, like you can't get through it, like you won't survive, you will. You'll make it.

I bet you're closer to life and love and contentment despite what the constant barrage of comparison has told you.

If you're feeling a bit like you don't measure up in some way, shape, or form what?

I bet you are enough.