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Hey. I'm Paul.

A little about me:

Every day, I wake up and get to do what I love.

Sometimes that looks like teaching Writing to middle school kids. People always tell me it takes a certain type of crazy to want to teach that age group. Color me crazy—I love it. The kids are awkward, weird, silly, enthusiastic, and every single day is fun with them

Sometimes, what I love to do looks like working at my church, Epic, teaching on Sundays.

I also love to travel, to explore, to chase adventure. I’m trying to make it to every state (I have 48 of 50 down) and every national park (I’m up to 33 of 61).

I love people, especially my wife Carly, and our dogs, Perry and Winnie.

I love to write and communicate, and it sounds corny, but I want to help people. I want to help spread some hope. That’s why this site exists.

You can find a few things here:


You can find my latest writing on my blog or follow me on Medium.


If you’d like me to speak at your organization or event, I would love to help you. You can request that here.