Seattle, Day 2: The View from Kirkland.

My Seattle trip, as told through my iPhone 3G’s pics, videos, and my ramblings. Archer showed me a beautiful spot along Lake Washington that I could just sit and relax in the sun, right along the edge of the water.

It was a great, therapeutic spot for me to read, write, and just...listen. I had finally escaped the blanket of humidity in Pennsylvania; the fat arms of the sun there had been pushing me down into the ground. In Seattle, the sun had decided on a change of heart, exchanging its heavy-handed east coast oppression for smooth, feathery fingers of warm light. The weather was a perfect blend of crisp chill and breezy warmth. As I looked out across the blue of Lake Washington to the mountains over the horizon, I felt I was in a better place than I'd been in a long time.