Your anti-drug.

Today I had a great conversation with my parents about drugs and alcohol...I don't remember how it started, but we got into a lot of great layers about doing drugs. I keep thinking about friends I've had and other various people I've met who have gotten into drugs at any given level--(in no particular order) smoking, drinking (a little and a lot), weed, harder drugs.  I've had many conversations with these people.  Some people admit that what they're doing isn't right.  Some people will defend their use with every kind of reasoning in their arsenal.  Some conversations have been positive, life-changing.  Some have been like punching a brick wall.

We already have heard the very obvious reasons to avoid the various drugs a hundred times...they're bad for you, yadda yadda.  So I want to ask you...what would you say to someone about any given aspect of drug use?  What stories do you have?

What else can we say?

To reference the sometimes-lame commercials, what's your anti-drug?