Who am I?

a self analysis and comparison for some reason, i felt the need to do a stream-of-consciousness-style analysis of myself and comparison of myself now to recent years past.  some silly, some serious.  in other words, this will be the most self-centered post you'll see from me in a while.  ;-)

but feel free to post your own statements about yourself.  i'd love to hear them.

i spend more and more time daydreaming.

braveheart is no longer my favorite movie.  i don't know what movie is my favorite movie.

i floss every night.  the thought of anything between my teeth all night long weirds me out.

i wonder when it will become shameful for me to be climbing trees at a whim, and i wonder if i will continue to climb anyway.

i miss helping out with youth group kids.

the place i have had the most reflection/escape/refreshment/abandon recently is my car.

i am much less outspoken than i used to be.  part of that is wisdom and maturity.  i think.

i have been blanking on my age recently when people ask me.

i still think of myself as 19 (or younger).

my concepts of "beauty" and "sexiness" have transformed.

i love watching the special features on every dvd i watch, especially behind-the-scenes and background footage.

i also love to google questions constantly while i watch movies.  wikipedia has been my movie companion.

babies make me smile inside and outside.

almost every night i wake up multiple times because of troubling dreams.

i have come to view superman as a cheap-o superhero and batman as an immeasurably more interesting and relatable superhero.

i'm into more tv shows now than at any point in the past 5 years, i think, while i actually watch less tv overall.

i am making over $30,000 a year more than i was two years ago.  i am not happier.

i have no concept of "home" anymore.

i love to laugh.  at myself.  at other people's humor.  at the world.

i no longer wear my heart on my sleeve as much as i used to.

i have dreams that are increasingly conflicting with my current life.

while i still love to eat tons and tons of food from time to time, i generally have come to realize that there's no need for me (or anybody) to consume so much food.

i can't see myself tied down in one place for very long.

my affinity for fashion has dwindled in the past year.

i don't think i ever want really short hair again.  until i go bald.

i hate when people text me more than two times in the same "conversation" when it would be quicker to just call me.  except cases in which one or both of us is unable to make a call.

i think no matter how much pain i see or experience because of love or loved ones, i have a very hard time being cynical about love.

i am as clueless now as to what God's vision is for me as i was a few years ago.