Where do we draw the line, mate?

jacksparrowIn light of the recent spotlight the Somali pirates have been receiving, I remember Pastor Paul Grabill in a message maybe two, three years ago mentioned something about how our culture had been glorifying pirates.  You know, it's cool to be a pirate.  Captain Jack Sparrow...need I say more? Grabill brought up what I thought to be a very valid point: we're pretty obsessed with the cool image of pirates despite all they have stood for--theft, murder, rape, brutality.  Then you consider recent events and the still very relevant problem that pirates pose in today's world...I remember Grabill comparing it to people two hundred years from now glorifying terrorists and the like.  I don't think that comparison is a stretch.

How do we reconcile the reality of pirates with our Hollywood image of pirates?

...then again, I could ask the same thing of assassins, too.

Most importantly, what do I do with my man-crush on Captain Jack Sparrow?