What to say, what to say...

In light of the new documentary starring Bill Maher, Religulous, and some ads being put up by guys like Richard Dawkins, I was thinking today about what I'd say to either of these guys if we were to have a discussion about faith in God. I feel that a conversation with Maher or Dawkins, or PZ Myer, would be a little difficult, knowing how strongly they feel about God, or the lack thereof (so they believe).  I recently watched an interview with Bill Maher discussing Religulous on The Daily Show.  While Maher isn't an atheist (his official position is, as it pertains to the existence of God, "I don't know."), he does believe that most faiths, especially Christianity, are pretty silly.  He can't seem to make a lot of sense out of why God, the Almighty God, would have a son (who is supposed to be God) and come to earth and die and the whole confusing storyline that is the Trinity.

As I thought about what I would say to Maher, the presidential debates came to mind.  Who watches these debates and actually gets swayed from one side to the other?  If you're a hardcore McCain follower, then nothing that happens in a debate between the two candidates or between you and someone else is going to convince you the other way, and vice-versa for hardcore Obama followers.  The debates, if they're swaying anybody, are swaying the people in the middle who are undecided.

I think there's little chance that anything I could say that would sway Mr. Maher, Mr. Dawkins, or Mr. Myer to believe not only in the existence of God, but the goodness and the love of God.  An easy enough answer to this solution is to conclude that I can only show the love of God in my actions and let God work on their hearts as He sees fit.  Which, in a lot of cases, is probably the best and sometimes the only answer.

But if I had to say something, I would talk about love.  God created us with the potential to let him down, because that's where we find the nature of true love.  Love that is not simply mechanical and automatic, but is reciprocated by choice.  And it takes something incredible to be in such a position of power as God of the universe, but decide to place yourself in such a comparatively limited, lowly, humble position as a man.  To experience growing pains.  To experience hunger.  Thirst.  Anguish.  Longing.  Helplessness.  I like to think of it as Superman intentionally grabbing hold of a piece of Kryptonite and taking a bullet to save Lois Lane. And if you really think about what it took for God to be a man among us, it stops being silly and starts to make a little more sense.

And then he would laugh at me.


But that's what I would say, if I had to say anything.  Flawed and humble words, I know.