Welcome, Fall.

Fall is here. I love the fall. Maybe it's cliche and overdone to write about the changing of the seasons. Or maybe it's just the reminder we (I) need.

People feel all kinds of which-ways about the summer, but I say good riddance. Summer weather is so oppressive to me. Sweat running down my forehead, sweat in my armpits, sweat on my back, sweat on my feet, sweat in other regions which I won't mention but you all know what I'm talking about anyway, and you're welcome for the image. I had grown tired of opening my car door and feeling like a rotund man had just bounced me in the face with his  dense belly of hot air and humidity.

But October is here. Fall is here. And with them, a breath of fresh air. We're entering an amazing season--cooler temperature, less humidity, the spectrum of colors painted across our trees. And though I'm busier than ever, this is just what I need right now.

Have I mentioned that I love the fall?

Yet fall's time with us is short. In a month or so from now, the vibrant colors of leaves will have faded to earthly brown. In fact, everything will seem to take a certain drab, dull tone. The pleasant chill of fall will give way to the biting cold of winter. And we will brace ourselves for those few frigid, barren months.

Until spring arrives, and we do this whole dance again.

And I have to remember that just as God orders nature in cycles, so He orders our lives in cycles and seasons. What is oppressive and unbearable now, what circumstances seem to hang all around me like August humidity, will pass. They will give way to fall, to relief, to a new palette of color.

What seems dead and frosted over now will eventually thaw and come to life.

The best part about fall is not the leaves changing or the pleasant weather; it is the reminder to cling to hope in the midst of my seasons of despair.