After today's first round of parent-teacher conferences were over at 3 pm, I headed over to Wegmans to do work (grading papers, grading papers, grading quizzes, check my fantasy teams) until the 2nd round of conferences at 7 pm. A few observations from Wegmans:

  • Weird people congregate together there, have get-togethers there.  I guess I'd think it was pretty weird to see a bunch of Christians together talking about Jesus and praying in public if I wasn't a Christian.
  • People who spend many hours in cafes or coffee shops on their laptops are either doing a ton of work or are really proficient at wasting time.
  • The Wegmans cafe even has 2 microwaves, stacks of newspapers, and a big sink.  I felt so homey, I almost decided to sit there in my undies.
  • Every once in a while, whether you're in a cafe or a restaurant or at a bus stop, you get a looker.  And by looker I mean someone who seems to always be staring at you when you look up.  And that's almost always a creepy thing.
  • People need to learn how to have more quiet phone conversations, especially when discussing very personal matters.  I have so much dirt on you now, ugly blue sweater guy.
  • I inevitably begin talking to myself when I'm out and about...I wonder what people think when they catch me doing that.
  • I walked around for about fifteen minutes with my fly down after a bathroom break.

Wegmans.  Where the cool kids hang out.