We of the Night...

Lately I've been geeking out watching The National Parks: America's Best Idea on Netflix. Not only does it have me pining to see more national parks and reflecting blissfully on my past experiences (more on this later), but it has introduced to me a love of John Muir and his writing, as well as some other inspirational people. Like Bessie Hyde. Bessie was a free soul who loved to travel and write. She was no saint, for sure, but I found myself resonating with some of her story and her writing. She was in a bad marriage, got a divorce, then married a guy named Glen who loved adventure as much as she did. For their honeymoon in 1928, Bessie and Glen decided to raft down the Green River and Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. No life jackets. She would have been the first woman to complete a trip like that. Awesome.

So long story short, they made it quite a ways and then disappeared and are presumed dead (though there's a lot of speculation about what may have actually happened to them). Sounds like a terrible story, right?

Uh...confession: If I could go out by having the adventure of a lifetime with my best friend, sign me up.

My favorite part of Bessie's story, though, is an excerpt from a poem she wrote in one of her diaries. When her story first came up on the documentary, I was only casually watching--I actually had Netflix playing while I was working on and setting up my classroom last week. I was busy trying to staple circus-like large sheets of colored paper to my bulletin board with a Comcast-like stapler (read: a stapler that does not work, constantly malfunctions, and causes its user great trepidation and rolling waves of anger).  Suddenly, I dropped that PPA-esque stapler (read: a stapler that has no soul and loves to feed on yours by slipping ludicrous tickets under your windshield wiper. Hm...I'm getting a bit off track here. Sorry.) because I heard these words, and they immediately arrested my thoughts:

Some ships sail from port to port Following contentedly the same old way While others who through restlessness Watch new seas at each new break of day

We of the night will know many things Of which you sleepers have never dreamed. 

Holy rip.

I must have gone back and listened and re-listened to this same 20 seconds of Bessie's diary excerpt half a dozen times. It perfectly captures the way I feel every single day of my life. It perfectly captures the thoughts that keep me awake and have me scratching at the walls of my heart so many nights.

We of the night will know many things Of which you sleepers have never dreamed. 

I'm getting this tattooed on my chest now.

Or my left butt cheek or something. I want to keep it tasteful, after all.