Vick and grace.

I am not a dog lover (not a dog hater either), nor am I a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but living in Philly and being a huge NFL fan I am constantly submersed in a sea of Michael Vick conversation. After being released from prison in July for felonies of animal cruelty and gambling on dog fighting, Vick found himself on the roster of the Eagles.  And so came the drama. This story has many elements to it, depending on which perspective you hold.  I mostly hear a lot of back and forth..."Vick deserves a second chance, let him play!" and, "Vick is a dog-killer, the Eagles organization should be ashamed!"

My only question is...what is the role of grace in situations like this?

You have a convicted felon who did horrible things to animals for years, was caught, lied about it, went to jail, and now wants to reform himself.  Part of this reform is having a job in the NFL again.  Does grace dictate that he be allowed back into the NFL to play?  Does grace dictate people become fans?

I recently read a story about a guy who went to jail for sexual crimes and who is seeking a new life in the church.  What does a church do with a guy like this?  What should grace look like in these situations?

...I'm not sure.