There's a place...

A snippet from an Erwin McManus message:

I think for so many of us, the only emotions we actually believe are authentic are the ones that come out of our brokenness.

Because real despair is a more genuine and profound human emotion than false hope.

Real loneliness and isolation, the authenticity of that human experience, is more profoundly authentic than superficial love.

...But is it possible there is a life you were created to live where joy and hope and forgiveness and mercy and compassion and love and yeah, maybe even pleasure and enjoyment, are the most profound and authentic human experiences?

taken by jessica marie zello

There was a time that I felt I was living in that place of joy, hope, forgiveness, mercy, compassion...or at the very least, moving with momentum toward it.  I've been derailed, and instead of gliding along the steel tracks, I've been dragging my feet in the rocks.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (proverbs 13:12)

I long for that place again.  I long for those dreams to come back to me, the dreams that kept me up at night with smiles and anticipation.  Not the dreams I have now, that bait me with despair.

I long for a life that's truly free, truly radical, truly full of love, not this cheap facade of significance.

Somewhere, in that horizon, hope is waiting, calling out.  Somehow, I'm going to get there.  And I need to get there soon.