The sweet, sweet fall.

Humidity, gone. Car air conditioning broken?  No problem.

Sweating as soon as I step outside?  I don't think so.

I freakin' love the fall.  I've always said that I love all four seasons for different reasons, but I definitely love the fall the most.  Like how every parent has a favorite even though they don't want to say.

I took my last class outside today, just to enjoy the amazing weather and do some writing out there.  Perfect temperature, perfect skies, perfect class.

I sat there in the grass, under perfect skies (not even Photoshop could do better), and I was just...happy.  It's like the sun has decided to stop roasting me with its oppressive heat and instead bake me with happiness.  Thank you, sun.  (...this is not an homage to the/a sun god)

Bring on the changing leaves, already!