The pros and cons of summer.

I love/hate the summer. I'm making a list of why I love/hate the summer. I will keep adding to this list as I think of reasons. Cons:

  • It's too hot. Winter is an easy fix--wear more clothes. You can only take off so many clothes in heat before you are helpless and at the mercy of the heat or being arrested for indecency.
  • The humidity. I could have included this with heat, but I like to consider humidity the "kicking" while you are already down, the slap-in-the-face, cherry-on-top of the sundae that is the heat (speaking of, see the pros below).
  • The air conditioning in my car doesn't work. This is the spit that comes after the kick when you are already down. I can't go anywhere without accumulating back sweat. Yeah.
  • The instances of people wearing clothes that show you things you never wanted to see skyrocket in the summer.
  • Most good TV shows are on break, which leaves nothing good to watch (actually, see pros below again).
  • Bugs. There are so many more bugs.


  • I have so many more opportunities and excuses to eat ice cream. And I love ice cream.
  • Beach volleyball.
  • Longer days. More sunlight=better moods, all around.
  • While I hate the heat and humidity, they provide the perfect recipe for rope-swinging.
  • The ratio of hiking and camping I do in the summer over the winter is about 20:1.
  • Life slows down. And I need that.
  • Since most good TV shows are on break, I watch less TV.