The little things.

Some little things recently that have made me smile:

  • I helped a little kid and his younger sister capture a cricket in Target.   They squealed with glee.  I think the mother appreciated a grown man in slacks and a tie on his knees trying to cup his hands over a cricket.
  • I pulled up next to a guy at a stop light who was j-a-m-m-i-n-g to his music.  I turned mine off so I could fully appreciate this experience.
  • Someone made a "Chinese" comment, at first unaware of my presence, then blushed as he saw me standing there.  I replied, "Yeah, I wish they were still just building our railroads," and walked away whistling.
  • The girl working at McDonald's gave me a very generous tower of soft ice cream on my cone.
  • People at my new job, most of whom have only known me for a few days, seemed genuinely upset upon finding out I'd only be there til January, since I'm filling in for a maternity leave.
  • My AC hasn't worked in my car all summer.  The last few weeks have been hell.  Today, I didn't break a single sweat, and a nice cool breeze flowed into my car all day.
  • I overheard another teacher at my school say, "I'm about to hang up my Terrible Towel in my room."
  • I heard for the first time someone use the phrase, "futzin' around."  Love it.  Using it.
  • Our principal, when going over how our school scored on the PSSA's compared to the target goals said, "We didn't just meet our targets, OK--it's like we smashed them with a folding chair."