The Great Perkiomen Flood

The new high school where I work is just a stone's throw away (maybe a couple throws away) from the Perkiomen Creek. That's why, after some crazy tropical storm, Forrest-Gump-"sideways"-rain, I woke up this morning to a 2-hour delay notice and then to a cancellation notice for the school. Because I still had some things to get at the school, I drove there and en route is the Perkiomen Creek, which caused most of the concern. So I decided to hop out of my car and pay tribute to the force that cancelled school for me today.

I also took a video to try to capture just how fast the water in the main vein of the Perkiomen was moving:

And I found a frog!

There are tons of creeks around here and where I live. All looked something like this. So crazy.