thanksgiving, the prequel.

Right now, I'm thankful for: - a job and an income. - a warm (or cool, if I want) place to sleep and live. - video on the internet, which has made my cable dispensable. - homemade chili. - a new refrigerator. it's not new: it's probably 30 years old but new to us, and it WORKS! - good friends who sense when I'm having a bad day. - good friends all around. - insanely beautiful drives filled with the colors of fall. - yogurt. - angry birds, the game. - cool weather. unlike in the heat of the summer, i can now drive comfortably in my car. - iPod. - students. - Instant Netflix. - Snickers bars. - a sub-15-minute drive to work. - encouraging emails. - not rushing myself in the mornings. - the right song that comes on at just the right moment.