Thanks, God (for nothing).

If you're an NFL football fan like me, and especially if you're a Steelers or Bills fan, then you've heard about the game this past Sunday in which Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped a sure touchdown pass in the end zone in overtime. If he caught it, the Bills would have won automatically. Since he didn't, the Steelers went on to kick the game-winning field goal and snatch one out of the Bills' slippery fingers. That ending was sort-of newsworthy, but what really made a national splash was Steve Johnson's tweet after the game:


Boom. That's the sound of "WR blames God for dropped pass" headlines dropping on every news source everywhere. Johnson seems to lash out at God in the tweet, even throwing in a sarcastic "THX" at the end, as if to say, "Thanks, God (for nothing)."

Since then, I've found that he actually redeemed himself and his tweet, clarifying what he meant. Hardly any news outlets have carried that follow-up story, but here's a link to an ESPN blogger who provides the whole story and a pretty good perspective on the situation.

He did clarify himself, but he also sparked up tons of discussions about religion in the process. On Sunday night, I found myself reading through a comment thread of a blog article on Steve Johnson's tweets, full of comments about God: funny and sad, light and angry, ridiculous and legitimate.

I thought (since I have nothing else to write about) I'd take some time to do some posts addressing one or two of the comments at a time over the next few days, or even weeks.

I'm no expert in theology. I'm not really writing with an agenda, except to give my own humble, flawed, and honest thoughts on some legitimate comments about God. Some comments are pretty funny, and some express some real anger/hurt, and I'll try to speak to that from my own place of anger and hurt and frustration and confusion.

Here's the site I'm pulling comments from, by the way.


I'll start with a softball.

God's To-Do List For 11/28/10:

1. Consider bringing miracle of peace to waring planets of Ippo and Dorgon. 2. Make sure asteroids introduce life-building DNA into waters of planet Krebo. 3. Affect outcome of Bills/Steelers football game on that goofy planet in the constellation of Orion.

And there's this one:

I guess the Steelers were praying harder.

I'll later get to the more serious side of some comments similar to these, but I wanted to put these up just because as silly as it sounds, I do pray during football games. I pray for my team to win. I pray for a turnover. I pray for first downs. I pray for "just one more play, one more play and I'll never bother you again, God."

Again, silly. Or is it?

It is. Absolutely is.

But it can't hurt, right?