street signs of the times. *w/ best sign name

Every time I'm driving or riding around, I look at street signs and wonder who got to name them and why they were named that way.  There are certain street names I feel like every single town has.  Obviously you have your numbers--1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Ah Ah Ah (that would be the Count's voice)--and then you have these:

+ Walnut (and every other type of tree--Oak, Elm, Pine, Cedar, and so on) + Main + Park + Locust + Any of the above streets with "-wood" or "-line" attached to the end

...and plenty more.  But what makes my day is when I see a really unique street sign.  Something you wouldn't see anywhere else.  Something that has come from the mind of a renegade--a person not afraid to rage, rage against the unfluctuating, against the prison walls of uniformity.  Not content with the drudgery of Spruce Street and the like, these agents of change will NOT have their street names in any subsequent remakes of Monopoly board games.  Unless that remake is "Monopoly: Ca-RAZY Street Name Version!"

These revolutionaries have given us gems like...Bossy Boots Drive and Kissapoo Lane.  I did not just make those up.  How could I?  They're too genius.

The point is that we need to start being more creative with our street names, people!  Let's ditch the tired old go-to names and break out the kind of fabulous and wonderful street names that will have drivers-by double-taking (not our fault if they crash) and homeowners living on these streets having to go into elaborate disclaimers every time they need to tell someone their address!

If you ever get the chance to name your own street, what are some of the names you might come up with?  AND/OR what are some of the funniest/weirdest actual street names you have come across?  (I've come across at least TWO Gay Streets in Philly.  Not funny by themselves, but I crack myself up with the thought, and hope, that on one of those two streets resides a homophobe who can't afford to move anywhere else)

Leave me some comments!  I'm going to take the best street name I get and make it into its own street sign (online, anyway) right here on this post.  Like this:

Yep.  Came up with that one myself.  So we all know who to call the next time a sign needs to be named.

Congratulations, Zach.  Your astounding creativity (and possibly the lack of other submissions) has awarded you the honor of the prestigious---oh forget it.  Here it is:

OK, so I couldn't fit the entire name in.  It's supposed to read:

George Lucas Has Never Produced Anything Of Any Value Ave.

It's only fitting that the man who brought us such great movies as Star Wars I-III, Clone Wars, and Indiana Jones and the Stupid Alien Invaders Piece Of Junk movies gets a street named after him which can't fit on the actual sign and is on a piece of rock in space that no one will see.