Seattle, Day 4: WMD's in a baby store.

Jake, Archer, Syrahav, and I went on a little trip to get ice cream from a place called Molly Moon's. Before we went there, we stopped in a thrifty store for young'uns full of clothes, toys, and the like. While there, we stumbled upon an old electronic "baby" keyboard...with everything in Korean:

Cute little keyboard, right?


Jake made fun of me because I could read the words but didn't know what any of them meant. Well. I hope you had fun yakking it up, Jake, because I found the translations for what's written on these buttons. This is no South Korean baby's keyboard - it's a covert, North Korean WMD controller! Here's just a sampling of what these buttons say:

Crazy, right? The guy who translated this for me, Darnell, told me he's learned all his Korean from sitting in the waiting room of his wife's salon where she gets her weave done. So I'm 12.8% sure these are right.