Seattle, Day 4: Crabs, convicts, and gigantic toes.

The 4th day in Seattle began with random errands all across Seattle, the first of which was to Central Market. Huge Asian section. Jake and I got the yogurt drinks we used to get in college. There's also a huge seafood section here. Say hello to Mr. Crabs:

He was a feisty one. Probably would have clawed my eyes out if he had the chance.

Then we took a trek to West Seattle and Alki Beach and had some Pho noodle soup at the Saigon Boat Cafe. "Pho" is pronounced as "fu-" like "fudge," not "fo-" like "foam." Which is also why we originally wanted to go to the "What The Pho" restaurant instead. You can imagine the jokes that ensued. After having some good Pho, we checked out Alki Beach, where we stumbled upon a sight I've never come across before: Toddler chain-gang. Yep, hardened tikes serving time and cleaning up the beach:

Then later on in the day, we came encountered something that Archer and I had also encountered before. I tried to take a picture of it, but it had gotten too far away. See if you notice anything strange in this photo:

If you couldn't find it, I don't blame you. Here, I'll help you out:

It's called the Toe Truck - a tow truck that has a GIANT foot with GIANT toes on it! It's amazing!!! It's like the ice cream truck except without delicious ice cream! I have to be honest - if I came out and discovered I was being towed by the Toe Truck, I would be the happiest man alive. It's a brilliant move by the company who owns it. How can you be mad at a Toe Truck with ginormous toes on it?