Seattle, Day 3: Downtown Seattle

My Seattle trip, as told through my iPhone 3G’s pics, videos, and my ramblings. Well, after Carkeek Park, Archer had to go to school and Jake was still at work, so I decided to go on a solo adventure to downtown Seattle. Thanks to a super-handy app called OneBusAway that someone created to help people find public transportation in Seattle, I could look up the closest bus stop and get all the times a particular bus would be there - the app would tell me how many minutes I had until the bus I wanted would come to the stop I wanted, plus had a live map I could follow. Frickin' awesome.

My first mission was to go to REI headquarters.

What I particularly love about this store is how they've created a whole wilderness environment all around the store, in the middle of the concrete jungle of the city.

Did I purchase anything at REI? Of course not! What do you think I am, dumb? But I did get to try on a pair of Vibram Five Fingers!! (and I got officially fitted by the Vibram scale, which will allow me to later buy these online for much cheaper) Since my phone lost the picture I took with the Five Fingers on, I thought I'd recreate the moment, via sketch:

And then I headed to Pike Place Market on the other end of town:

These two were playing just outside the fish market. I'm sad that the bass doesn't come through on the video, because this was really cool. The guy would use that bin to step on as a hi-hat, too. (*Update: The bass does come through, when you're not listening through crappy Macbook speakers.)