poem a day, day 4.

napwrimo #4: inside out Nelle Lytle encourages you to keep going with your NaPoWriMo poems by writing inside-out or outside-in. She says:

I watch too much HGTV, so I have learned (very well) about bringing the outdoors inside and also turning outside spaces into rooms (which is, apparently, more than putting the old sofa out on the front porch).

In our case, writing inside out (or outside in) means setting your physical or metaphorical inner bits out of doors,  to be walked around and looked at from odd angles, as if they were monuments or mailboxes (as an example).  Or it could be transforming your internal organs into flowers or letting a pack of four-year-old’s (human or otherwise) loose in your attic.

Write a poem today that illustrates your idea of what is inside-out.


each plan and dream and expectation is like a sculpture of ice i set on the table

some have taken years to think up and shape each translucent curve, each smooth, slick line

my greatest sculpture, molded from handsaws, chisels, my own warm breath, all my previous inspiration

two great birds locked together with ballerina necks and wings spread like the plains they towered to the ceiling

but like the others, it melts sweating out each hope running out into the ground until it becomes only air

only wind.