o-limp-icks. let's come up with new sports!

The Olympic games in Beijing are wrapping up, and I must say that I've watched much more of these Olympics than the last games in Athens (...I actually didn't watch any of the Athens games). I've religiously followed both the men's and women's U.S. beach volleyball teams (both won gold!!!) and I've been caught up in the Redeem Team's redemption efforts. Sport that I was most surprised by? Rhythmic gymnastics. You know...throwing up batons, long wavy ribbons. Some of those routines were flat-out impressive...these are not the girls in your high school marching band that threw batons in the air with a 50/50 shot at catching any throws. I even envisioned myself going for Olympic glory, making beautiful curves and pictures of giant butterflies with the flowing ribbon, taking long strides and graceful hops across the floor as I encircle myself in loops of ribbon. ...and smashing beer cans with my head, and lifting really heavy objects.

............moving on.

So the Olympics were pretty cool. But I think, with some of the odd and bizarre sports the Olympics have included in the past (motorboating, solo synchronized swimming, horse high jump, wrestling), we should be able to come up with a good list of sports we should include in


My vote: 1. Foosball 2. Wing-eating 3. Tickle-fighting 4. Who-can-last-the-longest-watching-"Roseanne"-without-barfing-or-passing-out

So what sports should our O-Limp-Icks have?  This is your chance! Let me know.