Much-needed 'W.'

I'm taking a minute during my planning period to write this...I'm exhausted and sort of mentally beat up at the moment. At the same time I'm being carried by a bit of an emotional high. This new teaching job has definitely been fun so far, but it's also been a ton of work, sweat, and sleep deprivation. I'm still in the feel-out mode, still trying to figure everything out, still feeling like a rookie. I've gained rapport with my kids and have a great relationship there, but I'm still waiting to have some consistent victories, as far as getting the kids excited about learning and, of course, getting them to learn. Today I finally feel like I was able to knock one out of the park. A lesson with the perfect bkend of order and chaos, of creativity and application, of enthusiasm and focus. My tired heart swelled with energy when I saw how excited the kids were, and at that point I could have run a marathon (no, I will not be joining my wife in her venture-this was strictly a marathon-sized energy boost within the confines and duration of two 48-minute classes). And now I have something to really look forward to continuing for the next week.

I really needed a W. Thanks, Jesus.