Tonight we had crazy thunderstorms. First of all, I really wish this rain would bring some relief of the ridiculous heat and humidity we've been facing for a few weeks now but, sadly, it's not.  How I long for October.

On the way home from Andrew and Sarah's place tonight, I was driving straight toward and along with some crazy storms.  Because of that, I got to see a light show the whole way home...SUCH a great experience.  I love thunderstorms, I love lightning, I love being able to witness so much of it.  The pitch black ocean of the sky suddenly shows these arteries of life and light, or the clouds light up, the lightning muffled within the folds while still creating this awesome scene.

I've been watching a lot of shows on lightning and tornadoes and such...I'm just amazed by them.  It's crazy how the lightning can be so incredible, dazzling, beautiful, and so dangerous and volatile at the same time.

As I drove, I thought...I like my lightning the way I like my people.  Maybe this doesn't make sense to anyone but me.  The kind of people I'm attracted to are the ones who hold incredible potential to be volatile.  When I say volatile, I don't mean it in a dangerous or temperamental sense.  I mean that these people have potential to change you and rock your world at any given moment.  They flash brilliance and beauty and creativity.  They dream.

I like these kind of people--the dreamers.  The ones who don't settle for merely living the way most of the rest of America lives.  The ones who will challenge me, who will never let me stay comfortable. These are the people for me, the ones I need.  A person who cares every day about going deeper, going farther, flashing with contagious volatility.

God, these are the ones I need.