Kitchen Nightmares

There's something about wreckage and devastation that is simply irresistible to us humans. We can't stop ourselves from craning our necks to check out the accident on the other side of the interstate. Kids love to gather around and watch fights until they become adults and it's inappropriate, at which point they turn to watching UFC. Some of the best, most intriguing videos on YouTube are the ones of people biting it HARD.

This is why I love the show "Kitchen Nightmares"--it takes one of my favorite subjects in the whole wide world, food, and brings that irresistible wreckage and devastation that's so magnetic. If you've never seen the show, here's how it goes down in a nutshell: There's a locally-owned restaurant that is struggling to stay above water, Chef Gordon Ramsey comes in to cuss at them and clean up their act, he unveils all their inner dysfunction, and they try to turn it around.

The best parts are when Chef Ramsey inspects their refrigerators and their food storage and discovers all manner of rotten, slimy, horrid food. Gag-worthy. Pure ratings gold.

Now I can't go to any restaurant without thinking about how they organize and store their food, expedite their orders, and handle the whole show that goes into running a dining experience for hundreds, thousands of people every weekend.

So let me ask you--what are some crazy dining experiences you've had at restaurants?