I heart Sundays.

I heart Sundays.  Even though I wake up at 5:15 in the morning. I heart them because I like going to my church on Sunday morning and pushing around 100+ pound cases to the movie theater from the storage facility next door (no, really...I do semi-enjoy that.).

I heart them because even though I stress about the songs a little, worship usually turns out great and to be a lot of fun.  (they'd be more fun if I actually sang in the Irish voice I used during practice this morning)

I heart them because our  church is over before noon.

I heart them because I can plop down on the couch at noon, pull up a blanket, and watch football until I fall asleep for a nap.

I heart them because I wake up just in time for the Steelers games.

I heart them because somehow EVERY single Steelers game has been broadcast here, though I'm far from the Black & Gold Mother Land.

I heart them because the Steelers have been winning, even though they may cause me numerous heart palpitations along the way.


I heart them because somehow, Sundays turn out to be beautiful and sunny 95% of the time.

I heart them because for the first time in a while, Sundays have truly become a day of rest.

I heart Snickers.

That is all.