Happy Birthday, Epic.

This past Sunday, my church celebrated two years of existence. Freakin' right. Here's a picture of me at our Annivers-a-palooza celebration at Bud's Farm, driving a miniature jeep around the grounds:

This day was great: catered barbecue (ribs!!), ice cream, sweet photo booth, and tons of awesome little vehicles like the one above that you could drive around--a Jeep, a school bus, a convertible, a train, a bar stool (yes...a bar stool), who knows what else. Moon bounces! And Bud paid for all of it!! (Or people gave up their time and skills for free) We played corn hole, too. Like I said: great day.

Two years ago we were probably around 60 or 70 people. Now we're at 380-something and still growing. People who used to be on drugs are getting baptized. People who forgot about God for years found out that He hasn't forgot about them, and they can say they know Him now. The most beautiful things I've seen aren't necessarily all the babies being born, or the weddings, or the healed relationships. It's been the fights with cancer, the struggle to find jobs, the lost loved ones, the deserted spouses, the grimy and grisly pain that comes with life. It's the way people have found community and hope and support and compassion in the middle of all that mess and can still see the hand of God in their lives.

Thanks for letting me be a part of that, Epic.