Halloween, er, "Fall" fun.

Some of the pumpkins from the pumpkin-carving madness at Kevin and Amber's over the weekend:

I made this one. Oscar the Grouch. Andrew's Oscar the Grouch shirt that night gave me the idea. I even got him to take off the shirt. Didn't even need to give him a drink.

This was Hayden's pumpkin. He's a Texan fan. I designed it; he brought it to life. Niiice.

This was Denny's pumpkin. Truly scary. The best/worst moments of this night involved everyone breaking out into random Creed songs. With arms wide open! ...Chills down my spine.

I wish that I took more pictures, or that I had one of the pictures someone else took of ALLLL the pumpkins from that night. They're pretty awesome.