Florida, Florida, the Whole Day Through.

Especially now that the spring break season is peaking, there are a lot of people going on or recently returning from vacation. There seems to generally be one locale that is the answer to the question, "Where are you going?" or the noun that completes the mad-lib of the many Facebook statuses I see, "Going to _________!" / "Just arrived in _________!" / "So sad that I have to leave _________!" This noun, this locale, this magical destination?


I'm sure the sight of that word just made some of you close your eyes and croon. For me, though, when I hear Florida, I feel something between the way I feel when I'm sitting in my classroom at 7:45 a.m. (which is sweaty, because of the cursed cycle of heat and chill of my room) and the way I feel when someone tells me they're watching CSI (which includes any variation of CSI and CSI-type show: New York, Miami, Hoboken, NCIS, NSRP, NASCAR, etc.), which is to say, "Eh. I just don't get it." (Sorry, Dad.)

I don't want to disparage any of you who love Florida and going to Florida in any way, and I'm sure if you love to lay out on the beach, it's just a step below Shangri-La for you. I just think it's overrated (and I extend that especially to Disney World).

Instead of tearing it down for its oppressive and sickening humidity and its sci-fi-ish farming and retention of old people, I just want to throw out a challenge: Let's find more interesting places to vacation!

Anybody have somewhere they're going soon or want to go to that is not in the southeastern United States?