I left State College earlier today to head back toward Philadelphia.  This trip consists of me jumping on 322 East and then the turnpike, a trip I've taken so many times now I couldn't possibly guess the number.  And every time, I drive along the Susquehanna River and smile at the view I have on my drive.  If you've traveled this route, you know what I'm talking about--it's the mini-Statue of Liberty river. Today, I decided to take a detour.  The Fish Creek exit sign, combined with the gorgeous weather, was too enticing.  So on my millionth drive down 322, I actually pulled off for a little adventure.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint little park within a half mile of pulling off, right along the river.  Fort Hood was the attraction here--some old mansions, farmhouses, etc...

I had been listening to a podcast in my car that was saying not to be moving so fast as to miss the moment, miss the NOW, where God can be found.  So I took in the river, the lowering sun.  I climbed a tree.  I made my way to a bridge and tried to get on it, and almost got demolished by multiple trains.  I skipped stones on the river's surface.  I took deep breaths of cool autumn air.  I was fully alive for 45 minutes.

(coming soon: some pics from the Steelers game on Sunday)

susquehanna shore.

the bridge off in the distance, on which i nearly met my doom later

cobblestone sidewalk leading up to an old mansion

the view from (almost) the top of a tree, looking up.

the view from (almost) the top of a tree, looking down at a bench.

tree growing alongside bridge.