Case of the Mondays...September 29

Ah, a wonderful and rainy weekend.  I'm glad the leaves are changing--now I'd like some nice, crisp fall weather. Here are some blurbs from the weekend: Showdown.

Obama and McCain stepped into the big boys' ring on Friday night for the first presidential debate.  Oh yes.  The gloves came off.  The issues were explored.  Actually, I'm not going to lie--I had a hard time focusing on anything actually being said due to my fascination with the fancy live-reaction moving graph at the bottom of the screen. **Bonus: SNL parody of the debate. **Bonus 2: Time's Memorable Debate Moments, dating back to Gerald Ford.

Define "stealing."

I went to the Salvation Army's thrift store in Altoona on Saturday with Kasey, Matt Rooke, and his girlfriend Laura.  On our way out, we noticed the pile of stuff sitting out at the dump/donation site for the store.  What ensued was a grappling with morality and definitions of "stealing."  I could only offer this insight: "'s not really stealing...but it's not really ethical either."  An electronic typewriter was not stolen.  Didn't work anyway, so...that makes it ok.

Spot-on Sarah.

Tina Fey showed up at SNL again with her Sarah Palin impression.  This time it's a parody of her interview with Katie Couric.  I know Sarah Palin's under intense media scrutiny, and I'm not really for or against her...but I can't help but shake my head at some of the things she said in her interview.

Hugs and drugs.

Kids, what do hugs and drugs have in common?  If you answered, "They'll both get you arrested," then you're right!

Upset weekend.

USC loses.  Georgia loses.  Florida loses.  Wisconsin loses.  Dallas Cowboys lose.  Philadelphia Eagles lose.  Denver Broncos lose.  Baltimore Ravens lose.  (The last one is sort of a prophecy)  The upsets were many.

"To be an actor, you have to be a child."

Paul Newman died on Friday...

Destination: Sex.

Matt and Monica got married yesterday.  Congratulations!  The place was awesome.  I felt like I was in a scene from Lord of the Rings. We had the awesome privelege of decorating the getaway vehicle.  Here's a picture of one side:

If anybody has a picture of the other side of the van, let me know.

Enjoy your week, everybody.  Go Steelers!