Case of the Mondays...

So to try and provide a little stability and structure and something you can actually look forward to at the start of the week, I'm going to provide a blend of blurbs on Monday about the expired weekend.  I have no rhyme or reason to what I'm including...most likey some blend of my personal life, sports, spiritual goings-on, silliness, entertainment, politics, and you get the idea.  Something for everyone (hopefully).  So enjoy the (humble) smorgasbord. The O-(my gosh we suck) Line.

I was admittedly feeling a little nervous about the Steelers-Eagles game.  I thought that their offense might light up our defense, and our offense would be trying to keep us in the game.  So wrong.  Our defense was awesome, and the Eagles defense blew threw our o-line like crazed moms run over the elderly when the store doors open on Black Friday.  9 sacks.  A safety.  The game ended with us losing 15-6.  I'm just glad Ben still has his appendages attached.  Oh well.  At least I won my fantasy football matchup.

Epic Church.

I'm involved in starting up a church here in Manayunk called Epic.  This weekend we had our fourth (and final) monthly service.  It was pretty sweet.  We're going to be doing services on all cylinders, every week, starting October 5 (two weeks away!)...Crazy.  So if you're in Philly and you want to come to a church that doesn't suck (I could probably word that better...but I won't), then check us out.  We'll probably have the audio from the service up by the end of the week on our website. *Bonus Video: Top 5 Ways Not To Invite Someone To Church.

The Emmys.

The notables that stuck out to me (which is another way of saying, "These are the only shows I watch or care about") in this year's Emmy's were Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.  The winner for writing was The Colbert Report (Yeah!).  That show has quickly become one of my favorites, and I think the writers deserve this one, especially for the segment, The Word.  It's hard work coming up with super-witty material day in and day out.  While I was (student-) teaching eighth grade, I named our once-a-week poetry session in honor of The Word.  I tried, but it wasn't nearly as witty an experience as Colbert's.  (But it was inspirational and educational, gosh darnit!)

The winner for directing was Barry Sonnenfield for the new show, Pushing Daisies.  I have fallen in love with this show's style and wit...If you like Tim Burton's cinematic style, Gilmore Girls' wit, or just a fresh dose of quirkiness, then I'd recommend this show.

I'ma peace out.

If I see this commercial one more time I will break the TV.  This weekend, I saw the "I'm a PC" commercial for the first time.  This weekend, I saw the "I'm a PC" commercial for the 87th time.  No, you are still not cooler than Apple.  I'm sorry.

Give me some of your money, Starbucks.

I will soon be officially an employee of the Starbucks Corporation.  Yes, I will be helping hundreds and hundreds of Americans continue their addiction to the bean juice.  And yes, I can officially be cool now.

Don't panic.

If you were about to throw yourself off a bridge or some other fairly high structure, do not despair--good news has come.

Another celebrity plane crash.

Travis Barker, formerly of Blink-182, and DJ AM were in a Learjet crash...Four people died, but Travis and DJ AM survived with burns.

Hope your week is starting off great.  And if it isn't, I hope it gets better.