Apple Picking, and the Great Goat Walkway.

Last week, I went apple picking somewhere in the middle of nowheresville, Pennsylvania with Andrew & Sarah, Kevin & Amber, and a girl whose name I can't remember now (sorry!). I have never been apple picking before. I never knew there could be so many kinds of apples in one apple orchard, and that each apple can serve a different purpose: some are good for eating, some are good for baking, some are good for nothing, and all are good to throw as a weapon. Speaking of which, I didn't get to climb any trees to grab an apple like I expected I would, but I did get to play a little Dodge Apple (not quite as exhilarating as Dodge Spear). Andrew won, soundly. Luckily, the iPhone in my pocket, with its hard case, took the blow of one of his best shots. Had a beautiful, round wet spot on my shorts for the rest of the day too.

Unlike my apple-educated peers, I did not go home with huge bags of apples. I was satisfied to grab one of each kind of apple so I could expose myself to all the new joys and wonders of the apple world. I wouldn't know what to do with 12 pounds of apples, anyway. This week, I had a different apple each day, and it was great...although now I have no idea which apple was which and am no more informed about apples than I was a week ago. Fail.

On our way out, there was plenty of hay-stackin', potato-gun shootin' festivities, including these amazing goats:

Aaaand we spotted this crazy guy: