An F for effort.

On Friday night, I saw the preview for Season of the Witch starring Nicolas Cage at theater before Brothers came on (during which, Kasey, you'll be glad to know that I joined you in the "I laugh in completely inappropriate moments and thus create terribly awkward situations and establish the reputation of being heartless and cold inside" club). Anyway, Season of the Witch is some dark, epic movie that takes place in a sort of Old World England-type setting, and Nick Cage plays a knight who is the only warrior worthy of transporting some powerful witch across foreign and dangerous lands.

I will not see this movie.  I am boycotting yet another example of the Hollywood phenomenon in which the lead actor or actress is not required to speak in the appropriate accent of the movie's setting.  In other words, the actor is not required to act.

I wonder who decides, when every other character in the movie is speaking in an English accent, that Nick Cage just gets to be good ole' American Nick Cage.  Attention Hollywood actors and actresses: you are paid millions of dollars to do your job, which is to act.  Learn how to speak with an accent.

Can anyone explain this to me?  It's like having some actor with a French accent play a Texas Ranger.  I mean it's one thing to be terrible at an accent (see Steven Seagal)--it's quite another to not even attempt it.   The most notable non-performances in my head right now are these:

  • Kevin Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Leonardo DiCaprio in Man In The Iron Mask
  • Tom Cruise in Valkyrie

Man.  I can't wait til I achieve the status where I'm so famous that when I do my job, I don't actually have to do my job.

Any other notable terrible accent performances or non-performances you've seen?