A little safer.

I found an article about how some churches are hiring armed security guards to keep their congregations safe, in light of the attacks on ministers and church goers in recent years. What do you think...should churches protect themselves with guns?


On a related note, I remember we'd always make fun of the security guards at the Target at State College, being the faux rent-a-cops they are (and yet some still amusingly smug and/or drunk with power).  Well, the security guards at the Target near my apartment carry guns and the whole package, and they're no joke.

Oh, and everytime I have the Philly news on, I hear some new story (or several) of brutal violence. "This morning, police are looking for the man who smashed his brother's face in with a sledgehammer." "We have yet another case of a stranger being shot 68 times for no reason."

I thank God sometimes that I don't look like a rich white guy.  They'd be a-comin' for ya.