A little late, but...

Jeffrey Overstreet really articulated what I thought were Avatar's biggest flaws:

Early reviews announced Avatar as an event equal to the release of Star Wars. But Star Wars’ visual-effects revolution was propelled by characters who became iconic for their attitudes, styles, voices, and character arcs. Kids may collect Avatar’s Dragon Assault Ships and Scorpion Gunships, but I doubt they’ll take to Jake Sully, Neytiri, and Grace the way we took to Skywalker, Solo, the Princess, and the droids.

Avatar’s also weakened by bland, forgettable action-movie dialogue, which may translate easily into international subtitles, but not into memorable, quotable conversations.

I know this movie came out what feels like a century ago, but I came across this review and had to re-open this dialogue. Avatar: a visually stunning world, a really mediocre story.

Speaking of mediocre, I have seen a string of mediocre to really bad movies. I can't even remember the last good movie I've seen. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good movie to watch?